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The Dementia Conspiracy

Another New Jersey-based murder novel by real-life private investigator, David B. Watts, this gripping tale melds the corporate and criminal worlds into one.

When the push to beat the competition exceeds all reason, a pharmaceutical executive resorts to whatever it takes to win. What do a hit man, a drug king-pin, a company vice-president, a tainted clinical drug trial, three strong women and a kidnapping have in common? Power, greed and murder . . . of course!

Ex-SEAL and disgraced DEA agent Ted Archer is a mercenary who stops but nothing to achieve his goals. All pretense of decency aside; Archer wades through this story like wrecking bar killing, maiming, and destroying.

Reprising their roles in “Loose Ends”—Dave’s first novel—private investigators “Mack” Mackey and Bob Higgins find themselves sandwiched between two sets of murderous criminals. Taking Archer and the others on, they are motivated by their sense of justice; yet restrained by their respect for the law. But their criminal counterparts have nothing holding them back, as they arm up for the action-packed show down. Replete with electronic eavesdropping, debugging, drones and computer intrusion, this book has it all.

Real-life private investigator Dave Watts weaves another tale, brimming with authentic investigative techniques familiar only to someone who has decades of being there, himself. Don’t start this one too late at night. You’ll find it hard to put down.

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Loose Ends – Murder in the New Jersey Suburbs

What starts out as a relatively low-level crime… insurance fraud… evolves quickly into a triple murder case in the up-scale community of Summit, New Jersey.

What starts out as a relatively low-level crime… insurance fraud… evolves quickly into a triple murder case in the up-scale community of Summit, New Jersey. A wealthy lawyer-turned politician is charged with brutally killing his socialite wife, while the real perpetrator goes on a killing spree to cover his crimes. The tension builds, as the defense team cannot seem to get over its internal wrangling. An ambitious, young, assistant-prosecutor steps over the line ethically in her eagerness to convict the defendant. A corrupt U.S. Congressman pulls strings in the background, and all the while the cunning killer, a psychopathic genius, does his share of devious meddling with the justice system.

“Mack,” a private investigator, and his side-kick Bob Higgins, struggle with the slim set of facts they have to go on. Will the good guys win in the end? Will our client be exonerated? Maybe, but not after a crazy gallop through the halls of justice and a lot of head-scratching sessions with no shortage of bad-tempered outbursts. The story builds to a last-minute court room blockbuster ending.

“Loose Ends,” with its twists and turns and realistic dialogue is a cliff-hanger that seizes the reader’s curiosity. What can possibly happen next! As the story develops, readers will wonder how in the world this tale can unwind and justice be served in the end. Author David B. Watts has drawn upon his many years as a private investigator to entertain his readers with a tale of depraved murder and perversion of the justice system. A fun read!

Accidental P.I

A real-life private investigator’s story: His journey, his cases and his perspective on the legal system.

Spending his early years in law enforcement, David Watts then moved on into the fascinating world of private investigations. Avoiding matrimonial cases, he stuck to conducting investigations for law firms, insurance companies and the many of the so-called Fortune 500.

David takes on the hypocrisy often evident in the civil system by citing examples and without apology.

He and his wife of over 50 years, Linda, carved their niche in the private sector by throwing themselves into their work and never taking no for an answer. They persevered and their personal story is an example of overcoming obstacles and setting the standard for others in the field. Humor, a serious avenue for them, comes through in the telling, as well.

With decades of all kinds of cases in his files, Watts provides vivid descriptions of what private investigation work entails. Murder, fraud, sex , corruption and even a race riot are all on menu here.

Far from a dry narrative, Accidental P.I. is a thrilling ride that puts you up right up front and in the action.

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